Long Island Immigration Lawyer

Long Island Immigration Lawyer

PPID provides legal counsel to those seeking a U.S. Green Card.

Long Island has a rich and extensive history involving immigrants from all corners of the world. Whether you are seeking protection, looking to pursue career advancements, or wanting to join family members, the economic power and cultural diversity of Long Island make it an attractive place to pursue the American dream. A knowledgeable Long Island immigration lawyer from Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco can help you solve any immigration-related challenges that you are facing.

The dedicated legal team at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco believes in strength in diversity, and we are committed to fortifying the community of Long Island by assisting US noncitizens find legal pathways to work and live in the area. We can leverage our decades of collective experience, extensive knowledge in immigration law, and compassionate, client-centered approach to help drive optimal immigration outcomes for your case.

Getting the Support You Need From a Long Island Immigration Lawyer

The Long Island immigration legal team at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco has over 100 years of collective experience supporting clients in addressing their immigration-related challenges. We can support family-based immigration cases and help individuals gain LPR status through petitions from their loved ones. Our qualified lawyers speak numerous languages to connect with clients from countries all over the world. We seek to provide our clients with language barrier-free access to legal representation.

If your needs are employment-related, we can help you apply for an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, depending on your goals and case details. Becoming a US citizen is an exciting milestone; however, it can come with confusion and complexity. Our legal immigration team can support you throughout the naturalization process and help you secure citizenship smoothly and quickly.

If you are currently residing in Long Island without documents, our legal team can help you explore your options. We are experienced with helping undocumented Long Islanders gain legal permission to live and work in the US through avenues such as the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), U Visas, Asylum Requests, Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS), and DACA.

If you are facing criminal charges that could threaten your immigration status, you are not alone. An immigration attorney from our team can inform you of your rights and optimize your criminal defense strategy to minimize immigration status repercussions. If you are facing deportation or removal, the loyal team at PPID can defend your case in immigration court and work to exercise all options available to protect your presence in Long Island.

Should I Apply for a Nonimmigrant or Immigrant Visa to Live in Long Island, NY?

Whether you should apply for an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa to live in Long Island depends on your immigration goals and critical details about your background. For example, the familial relationships you may have with US citizens or lawful permanent residents affect your eligibility, as well as your educational and professional background.

Immigrant visas are for US noncitizens who intend to live and work permanently in the country. Such visas are typically sponsored by family members or companies that have offered a job position to the visa applicant. However, there are self-sponsored petitioning options for certain kinds of visas, such as investors, some humanitarian-based visas, and workers with extraordinary ability.

Nonimmigrant visas are for individuals who are looking to come to Long Island for a short period of time. Depending on their immigration goals, there are different visas available, such as those for tourism, studying, receiving medical treatment, and conducting business missions. A dedicated immigration lawyer from Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco can help you find the immigration avenue that is optimal for your situation and goals.


Q: Can I Travel to Long Island Without a Visa?

A: Yes, certain individuals with nationalities from approved countries that are part of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) can apply to come to Long Island for tourism or business purposes for less than 90 days. There are key criteria that a VWP applicant must meet to be able to travel to the US without first needing to apply for a nonimmigrant visa, such as having a round-trip ticket and a valid passport.

Q: Can a Long Island Immigration Lawyer Help Me With Naturalization?

A: Yes, a Long Island immigration lawyer can support you with the long and complex process of naturalization to guide you toward achieving US citizenship. They can help determine whether or not you are eligible, support you in gathering required documentation, and submit and monitor your application. Furthermore, they can help you prepare for upcoming interviews and notify you about key upcoming meetings. If you have any doubts throughout the process, they can compassionately address your concerns.

Q: Can I Apply for Asylum in Long Island, New York, Through an Immigration Lawyer?

A: Yes, it is possible to apply for asylum in Long Island with the support of an immigration lawyer. Depending on the details of your situation, they can help you apply for asylum through the affirmative process, the defensive process, or through an asylum interview after you have demonstrated that you have a fear of persecution in your country of origin. They can ensure that you meet critical deadlines to ensure your right to apply for asylum and defend you in immigration court if necessary.

Start Your Journey With a Long Island Immigration Lawyer From PPID Today

The immigration process can be intimidating and challenging, although the outcomes can reap permanent and meaningful benefits that can be life-changing. Therefore, the experienced and skilled team at Pollack, Pollack, Isaac & DeCicco is here to ensure that you get the comprehensive and informed legal representation you need to optimize your immigration outcomes. Begin discussing your case today by reaching out to a compassionate immigration lawyer from our firm.

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